Midwest Electric

by The Heavy Co.

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison They asked me to ‘tune in’ and I’m glad I did. This album’s got flavours from all the 70ise heavy hitters with Sabbath, later Zeppelin; even a little bit of Nugent. It’s a very raw recording that suits the music and genre to a tee. Being a very diverse album with no two songs the same gives me a bit of a feeling that ‘The Heavy Co.’ is trying to find their ‘creative’ way. But with not one bad song on the album, I’m more than happy to trip on this adventure with them. Favorite track: Neil Young.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Another great driving to work in the morning album. Not 100% sure where this fits into the whole Stoner/Doom/Sludge etc mould as to my ears it has more in common with Southern Rock and reminds me of bands like Sun Gods In Exile and that will do for me. I'm off now to get their Live at LBC release. Favorite track: Neil Young.
Soshanna thumbnail
Soshanna Soulful, gritty psych rock with just the right amount of blues to make things around you seem just a bit more laid back and chill. ;-) This was love at first listen for me and these guys would be great to see live. I bet they know how to have a good time. Take a listen to the "Live at LBC" album too, its the perfect jam. They also have a Free Download of their 2011 album "The Heavy (Please Tune In…)" which is also super cool. Highly recommend all albums for any rock, blues, psych music lover. Favorite track: Greasy Mush.
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They say that anything worth doing is worth doing right. If you want it done right then you have to do it yourself and that takes time. With that being said, The Heavy Co. has wrapped up production on their first full length record, Midwest Electric. It’s story is close to epic if you consider that we are talking about a record that is a result of 4 hazy years of tears, writing, woodshedding, playing live, recording and producing the whole damn production in-house to yield 37 or so smoke and incense filled minutes of psychedelic guitar rock haze that solidly stretches the limits of the genre that has been come to be affectionately (or not so affectionately, depending on who you talk to) known as “stoner rock”.

Let’s get a few things straight. This record was never meant to be perfect. The tempos swell and recede, the vocals aren’t necessarily in key all of the time, and you’re going to hear some things buzz, but I can assure you...it sounds exactly how it was supposed to. Originally Midwest Electric was intended to be recorded on an 8 track tape machine, but Murphy’s Law prevails and the damn thing broke right in time for tracking. THC went ahead and took advantage of their digital recording capabilities to the fullest, but underneath the layers of extra tracks is the sound of three guys getting down in a room and jamming like they only got one take at the thing. The other thing is while there is no doubt, like their other “stoner” peers, that a huge part of THC’s sound is a throwback to the classic rock of the late 60’s and early 70’s, it’s a modern rock sound. The idea that their music is “modern” sets THC apart from most “stoner rock” bands. It’s cool if a band relies on the amplifier theatrics of the 70’s (who doesn’t love a loud riff through a wall of amps), but as the guys say, “don’t stop now, there’s no time to cry”. Jimi Hendrix was looking for a “new kind of blues” and The Heavy Co. are giving it their best shot.

Midwest Electric isn’t a stereotypical “stoner rock” record. It could have just as easily have been called “Midwest Eclectic”. First off, there is a country twinge to the whole thing, especially in the subtle twangy drawl that creeps into the vocal delivery. Second, no two songs on the record really sound alike. Midwest Electric moves from a driving hard rock number like The Humboldt County Waltz to the lonesome guitar wail and lament of Neil Young to the spacey drone of Sailing Towards The Setting Sun and the bluesy fuzzed out doom of One Big Drag . The album’s seven songs are unique to themselves but never out of place with each other. THC has meticulously crafted a record that embodies the feelings of isolation, paranoia, and general drudgery of existing in between the rows of corn and how it contrasts with the hopes and dreams that come from the transcendental experiences of those bored “different” souls that reside there inevitably get around to having. That or THC just wanted to write some songs so they could groove out and play some guitar solos. Whatever works for you. Please tune in...

Midwest Electric will be available for order on-line in Europe and The U.S. and digital download via Bandcamp April 20, 2013 on their in-house label, DPR Records.
Press and promotional inquires: iangerber@gmail.com

For more information visit www.theheavycompany.net


released April 20, 2013

Guitar/Bass/Vocals: Ian Gerber
Drums/Vocals/Guitar: Jeff Kaleth

Songs Written By: Ian Gerber

Bass on Side 1: Scott Gilkey

That bitchin' fuzzed out wah guitar solo on 'A Groove A Mile Wide' is courtesy of Michael "Big Sir" Rafalowich from Brooklyn's Strange Haze.

Side 1 and Sailing Towards The Setting Sun recorded at DPR Studios, Lafayette Indiana

One Big Drag and El Bango Grande and drums for Sailing Towards The Setting Sun recorded at Crunchtone Studios, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mastered by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Studio, Port Orchard, Washington

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Ian Gerber and Jeff Kaleth

Cover Art by Pat McClimans

Cover design, layout, and DPR Records logo design by Josh Gurley

Woodblock printing and design: Jim Durett

A very sincere thanks to:
Bill Goodman, Nate Miller, The Soda Shop, The Obelisk, Doomantia, The Ripple Effect, Stonerobixxx, and everyone else who has paid attention to our little band.



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The Heavy Co. Indianapolis, Indiana

Sometimes you just want to turn up, tune in, drop out, and get down. Well, at least The Heavy Co. does.

Formed in late 2008, the Indianapolis, IN based band has been impressing the critics and building a loyal international following. They would like to thank the internet for that.

For fans of heavy, groovy, psychedelic, stoner rock.

Please tune in...
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Track Name: The Humboldt County Waltz
Well, I've been too tired to drink myself to sleep
I haven't been to bed yet
Haven't got my 40 winks
The Man looks at me and says
"Hey boy, aren't you a little young for this line?"
I said, no sir, I think it's about time

The one thing that I really need is stash like Willie's and some room to breath
The things to life that I really like is when one will do and two is oh so nice

I've been working my fingers to the bone
I ain't got no one to help me
I've been going this all alone
And I know that Death is out there
From him I will not hide
When I see him coming
I'm gonna take him for a ride

The one thing that I really need is stash like Willie's and some room to breath
The things to life that I really like is when one will do and two is oh so nice

Thank God for The Dead and the way they played to the sunset
We shouted just because we were there
The trees responded
They would not sit still
Track Name: A Groove A Mile Wide
Everyday I say
It's gonna be alright, ok
Well oh yeah
With time I find
When my mind is slow
Well oh how my world does grow

I'm gonna find
A mountain so high
Where I can find
A groove a mile wide

At the end of the day
You gotta give your love away
But it will come back to you
So everyday I say
It's gonna be alright, ok
Well oh yeah

I'm gonna find
A mountain so high
Where I can find
A groove a mile wide

My mother said to me
"Hey boy, whatchya gonna be?"
Good mother don't you mind
It'll work out in due time

I'm gonna find
A mountain so high
Where I can find
A groove a mile wide
Track Name: Neil Young
I wish that I had balls like Neil Young
I'd pick up my guitar and play a sad song
And it just might for no one
To sing

I wish that I had seen it all
The man on the moon, the Berlin Wall
But time has passed, yeah, things have changed
Or maybe they're all the same

If you can't find enough darkness
To cover up your fears
Go ahead and sit right down
No one knows this is somewhere
Track Name: Greasy Mush
I suggest preparing for side two while this instrumental track lays the robotic brain scrambler on you.
Track Name: One Big Drag
What happen when you love well it runs dry
The wind don't blow but they sun don't shine
When you get to the top whatchya gonna do
You get back down to the bottom and they you sing the blues

I hope you realize this is how its gonna be
Open your eyes
It's time for you to see
This is what happens when the plan goes awry
Don't stop now
There's no time to cry

You say theres a beauty and its more than skin deep
So you cover your shame
You cover head to feet
I'm here to tell you child and it ain't to be mean
Life's a canvas that isn't coming clean

It's one big drag
You gotta to take it all in
It's one big drag
And then another one begins
It's one big drag
You gotta ride it 'til the end
It's one big drag
And then another one begins
Track Name: El Bango Grande
I've been searching
Searching for something
Bigger than me
I've been searching
Searching for something
Something thats bigger than I've ever seen

I want you to know that what I say is the truth
I want you to know that I will not be moved

We've been searching for something
Something thats bigger
Bigger than us
We've been searching
Searching for something
All we've gotta do is get back on the bus

I want you to know that what I say is the truth
I want you to know that I will not be moved

We've been searching
Searching for something
Something that's bigger
Bigger than us